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Category: publishing tips

How to Publish in 60 Days

You’ve written a book. You want to publish it, but you’re not sure how. That’s why I’m here! In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps of publishing your book in 60 days or less so that you can focus on making your message come alive and providing value for your audience.

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5 Reasons to Use a Book Coach

If you’re writing a book, the best way to make sure that it’s as good as it can be is by hiring a book coach. A book coach can help you stay on track with your writing and keep you motivated while also offering expert knowledge about how books are published.

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6 Tips To Mastering Writer’s Block

One of the things that the SHERO Publishing Book Coaches work with authors on is overcoming Writer’s Block. Often, in the writing process, you will come to a point when it becomes difficult to continue writing or your mind just goes blank. Writer’s Block can be paralyzing, delaying the finalizing of a manuscript for months or even years. SHERO Book Coaches help to support authors to quickly overcome these writing hurdles to finish their books in 60 days!

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Top 5 Tools to Grow Your Book Blog

Running a blog is serious business. Gone are the days when you can log in and write about whatever topic pops into your head. Today, a successful blog requires deep analysis and ongoing strategy refinements to keep you competitive.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. There are countless tools you could use and the SHERO Team has pulled some of those together to assist you in developing and growing a successful Book or Business Blog.

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4 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneurs Should Publish A Book

Are you looking for ways to promote your business? Publishing is one of the best ways to make sure your target audience is aware of your products and services. Publishing a book has long been used, by businesses, to get their name out there and reach a larger audience. By creating content that is relevant to your customers and industry, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your field, build relationships with potential customers, and increase the visibility of your business.

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6 Steps To Developing A Children’s Book

Every year, thousands of Children’s Books are published all over the world. In the United States alone, millions of copies are being printed and sold. It is one of the most stable book genres of all time. At SHERO Publishing, we help hundreds of authors to illustrate and publish children’s books.

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Why You Should Contact A Publisher Earlier

I know, I know: You’ve written the best thing ever. You’re ready to publish. The only thing is that you don’t know where to begin with publishing your book. What should be done before submitting a manuscript? Let’s talk about why it’s important to contact a publisher early on in the process and how doing so can help your book get off the ground faster, especially if you’re not close to being ready for publication (yet).

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5 Steps To Publishing in 60 Days

If you’ve ever dreamed of being an author, then you know that writing a book is not as easy as it looks. It takes time and effort to organize your ideas and get them on paper. But when it comes to publishing your book with ease, there are some more affordable options out there than ever before. In this guide we’ll show you how to publish your book in 60 days or less!

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