I truly desire to see everyone, especially women, rise to their personal greatness and Unleash Their SHERO within. In my many years in Corporate American, as a business owner and nonprofit founder, I have met thousands of people with extraordinary stories of strength, resiliency and determination to pull on their inner HERO & SHERO to overcome. Through my discussions and encounters, I would often say, You need to write a book! Instead of just giving that advice, I decided to create a platform for anyone, from youth authors to seniors, to share their stories, while gaining full support through what can be an overwhelming process.


SHERO Publishing was birthed to give a true voice to the voiceless and empower communities, around the globe, with books that inspire and empower others.As I am an avid entrepreneur and ICF Certified Business & Marketing Coach, I understand the power of printed materials. SHERO also helps every entrepreneur turn their EXPERTISE and CONTENT into PUBLISHED works. From journals and workbooks to ebooks, we support the business community with creating multiple methods to reach clients globally.


I firmly believe that in all that we do, we must SERVE, so SHERO Publishing works in conjunction with SLS Nonprofit to support women at risk through various yearly service projects, including sponsoring a Christmas brunch and gifts for over 60 shelter moms and kids yearly.


Providing support at and affordable price is key. SHERO Publishing supports all authors with flexible payment plans and full book coaching. If you have a story to share, SHERO can help you to UNLEASH your SHERO and story within!

Erica Perry Green is a ICF Certified Business Coach, Best Selling Author, Nonprofit Founder and COO of SHERO Publishing.


Erica founded SHERO to give authors a global platform to share their untold stories with the world.  SHERO helps authors create, publish, brand and market their literary works. SHERO also supports entrepreneurs in publishing  products to edify and promote their expertise. From book coaching and ghostwriting to business and professional coaching, SHERO provides holistic services for every client.

Mission of SHERO Publishing–  A global publishing company supporting authors from CREATION to LAUNCH while supporting entrepreneurs in publishing their expertise.

“Books have power, books allow our stories to outlive us and touch generations. They create our legacy.” – Erica Perry Green