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SHERO Publishing offers flexible & affordable publishing options and monthly payment plans to meet the needs of any writer, entrepreneur, or compilation host. Simply pick your publishing package and the SHERO Team will help you to create your manuscript development plan & monthly book deadlines to meet your book launch goals!

Let SHERO show you how to become a BOOKPRENEUR, maximizing your book profits through our Published 2 Profits Marketing Training and Coaching. With the help of the SHERO Team, you can become profitable in your first months of book promotion. Let SHERO’s team of professional Book Coaches, Ghostwriters, Editors, Graphics Designers, Videographers, Photographers, and Marketing Professionals set you up for success!

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Publishing is not just for the typical writer, but for Life Coaches, Corporate Executives, Speakers, and Business Owners who want to sell their expertise in publish works. Let the SHERO Publishing Team of Professional Business & Marketing Coaches show you how to grow your product profits and product line with workbooks, journals, ebooks, and other published works.  Want to create a profitable Compilation Project, let SHERO show you how to develop and market a compilation project that will generate profits for you, the host author, while creating a Best-selling book and business tool for every co-author!  Click the blue box to schedule your consultation today!

Virtual Writing Mastermind

  • Weekly Coaching & Assignments
  • Learn How to Structure & Differentiate Your Book
  • Learn To Get Organized & Build Your Chapters
  • Master the Secrets to Quickly Documenting Your Story
  • Full Support From Drafting Your Manuscript to Publishing! Virtual & Live Coaching
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At SHERO Publishing, we support authors From Creation To Launch! 
You don’t have to wait to contact SHERO!  If you have a book concept, our Book Coaches or Ghostwriters can assist you with manuscript development. It is never too soon to contact SHERO to discuss your book project and develop your comprehensive payment plan to meet your needs!  At SHERO Publishing, you retain all rights to your published works. Our team sets each author up as a BOOKPRENEUR, growing their own book profits!
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“There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. It’s time to unleash your inner shero.”

– Erica Perry Green, CEO

Surviving in Silence features the stories of 10  overcomers sharing their experiences to empower and inspire other survivors of domestic violence.


Witness the extraordinary testimonies of 14 women who rose from the ashes of loss and despair to win, in Unleash Your Shero. This powerful compilation is filled with life tips and tools. Purchase your copy today for 24.95 including S&H.



Greetings from SHERO Publishing!  As a seasoned entrepreneur and Corporate Executive, I have traveled the world, meeting so many phenomenal people, especially women, with extraordinary stories of resiliency, strength, and the courage to triumph over anything trying to hold them back.  I would always find myself saying, “You need to write a book.”  Instead of just giving that advice, I decided to create a platform for anyone, to UNLEASH their HERO & SHERO and create a legacy in their published works.


The publishing process does not have to be overwhelming.  There are so many potential authors, out there, with books that they need to birth; expertise that needs to be published, such as courses or coaching modules in workbooks and journals, and more, but they are paralyzed by simply getting started.  Fear NOT!  Let the team at SHERO Publishing support you from CREATION to LAUNCH!


The SHERO Publishing team is unique in that we consist of ICF Certified Business, Book, & Marketing Coaches who are ready to coach you through the manuscript and/or content development process as well as help you to maximize your PROFITS from your published works. If you are looking to leverage your book to build your coaching, business or speaking platform, SHERO is here to support you.  If you are an author, ready to develop your next novel, book series, or master book marketing, our team has you covered!  SHERO’s Book & Marketing Coaches and Ghostwriters help authors to go from IDEA to PUBLISHED WORK in as little as 60 days!


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Erica Perry Green



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