I published a compilation with 8 couples. I must say that the attentive staff at Sheri Publishing assisted greatly in meeting deadlines with a group our size. Our book was published and launched on time. Communication was vital to the success of our book. Shero Publishing team was courteous, responded in a timely manner to questions. I would highly recommend Shero Publishing for book.


Anthony & Karen Bonner

Where do I start, when it comes to describe how thankful I am for SHERO publishing! Hands down Erica Perry green, and her entire staff have gone over and beyond their words. The professionalism is there, the knowledge and education is there, the follow-up is there,the ability to push you to the next level is there. I could not be happier with their services. Thank you for helping me place the EMPHASIS on the basic. #TeamEmphasis


La’Shaunda M. Lofton

Working with Shero Publishing has been an absolute pleasure. I participated in a compilation project but the individual support they gave each author blew my mind. From coaching calls, editing, and the roll out…everything was a smooth process. As a newbie writer I definitely felt like I was in good hands. I look forward to working with them again.


Keekee Lennay

Shero Publishing Company operates at a high level of professionalism and excellence. The staff are consummate professionals who ensure that your project is something that you can stand behind. This is a company who takes pride in the work they send out. I had a book compilation for over 15 women and the book coaching and individualized support was phenomenal! I am well satisfied with the results of my published literary work, Surviving in Silence. Shero Publishing obviously cares for their customers and is willing to provide them what is necessary from the beginning to the end of their publishing project.


Chemeka Turner Williams

My husband and I had the great opportunity to work with Shero Publishing on a book complilation,The Love Pact. It was our first experience as co-authors. Erica Green and her team, took special care to ensure that our chapter felt right for this amazing project. When I had the opportunity to be apart of another book project, A Reason to Be, Vol 3, I jumped at the chance, knowing that Shero Publishing’s team of professionals would see it to the end with excellence. I must highlight the well organized weekly calls that brought stories and the co-authors together. I felt like I had gained sisters and brothers through this experience. I recommend Shero Publishing with enthusiasm for all of your book writing needs.


Rhonda Kaalund

Shero Publishing has definitely blessed me. I was very hesitant to share my story because I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived by the public and I was still in a broken place when I wrote it. What I found out was that writing my story actually helped me heal from the pain, shame and guilt that I had been carrying. Being connected to other wonderful women that had been through difficult situations and came out victorious on the other side, showed me that I too could overcome. Having people read my chapters in Unleash Your Shero and Divorced Not Devastated and them telling me that my story inspired them was a humbling experience. Some people have been encouraged to tell their own story. I love the fact that so many people are using their stories to heal others. Thank you Shero Publishing for this opportunity.


Natasha Perry 

My book Coaching experience with SHEROPublishing while working on Surviving In Silence: Overcoming Domestic Violence, as a Co-Author, was absolutely phenomenal. The weekly nuggets and video conferencing that were given by Kimberly Perry- Sanderling and Erica Perry-Green were great tools in allowing us Authors to meet one another and share in encouraging each other’s journey, keeping us informed of where we were were in the process and how to make the Publishing of this book a success. The greatest nugget for me personally, was not to tell my whole story in one Chapter, but to give “Enough Meat” to capture the Readers and make them want more, while still sharing the most beneficial points to empower, impact and inspire. I am looking forward to future ventures with Erica and her Team. This experience was just the catalyst that I needed to be propelled into writing and creating my own Legacy. Thank you SHEROPublishing.


Tasha Jones