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A Sheros Journey with Dr. Shelly L. Walker

1) What was the process like working with Shero?

The process of working with Shero is second to none! I wrote books with a different publishing company, but their service and process were nothing compared to Shero. If I had known about Shero Publishing before I published my first book, it might have had more success, like the books I wrote with Shero. The strong independent women of Shero Publishing’s Coaching Team, Dr. Erica Perry Green, Kimberly Perry Sanderlin, and Camilla Moore are a testament in itself. They are patient, understanding, caring, and experienced experts in the book publishing business.

2) How has Shero Publishing helped you to Unleash Your Inner Shero?

Shero Publishing helped me Unleash My Inner Shero by accepting how vital it was to expel my untold story. They were trusting of the uniqueness of my experience, which only could be told from my voice. They did not try to change my story. Nor did they give up on me. Their listening skills and attention to detail are invaluable. They are not just a business; they are a family that cares.

3) Tell us about your book and how it’s helping your passive profits?

 Although Shero is not a publicist service, you wouldn’t know it. Their social media, marketing tips, and marketing material are an all-in-one service. They made me feel that I was a celebrity. The quality of their service greatly assisted in the timely advantage of launching my book and net profit to target the interest of my audience. My goal was not to seek mass wealth, but to tell my story. Shero reminded me not to devalue myself. They showed me how telling my story would help others and net a profit I was not initially seeking. 

I launched a compilation book, Earned Not Given with six C-Authors within the motorcycle community.  Not only did Shero roll out the red carpet for me, but the team worked weekly in coaching my compilation group and assisting each Co-Author in crafting a powerful chapter to present their journey as well. Shero also worked to ensure that every author had a successful prelaunch campaign, ensuring that we met our profit goals.

 4) What encouragement do you have for other authors who want to write a book? 

The encouraging advice I can give to other authors who want to write a book is to select Shero Publishing for your publishing company. Their coaching sessions and step-by-step guidance, throughout the compilation project, were exceptionally beneficial. Just like the reason couples should seek marriage counseling before saying I do. Shero can lead you to a happier ending. I cannot wait to collaborate with them again!

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