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8 Steps To A Successful Virtual Book Launch

Now that you have launched your book, you are probably considering a book launch.  Now, this might be a daunting and expensive to organize a live event, but rest assured, there are other options!  Launching your book with a Virtual Book Launch allows you to expose your book globally, without an attendee limit.  A successful Virtual Book Launch can gain you immediate book sales and, because it lives on social media, every replay will produce continue sales!  Here are 8 ways to achieve a successful Virtual Book Launch.

1. Organize Viral Giveaways

Giveaways are a simple way to bring in tons of interested people to your virtual book launch. By giving people a chance to win a reward, you can encourage them to sign up for your event. This is effective because you’re giving something to your fans instead of just advertising your book. Since you’re rewarding loyal fans, giveaways can also help you grow a dedicated community for your books. Plus, you can keep things cost-effective by giving out free books, gift cards, merchandise, and similar small prizes.

2. Create Engaging Graphics

Fun fact: Social media posts with images get 650% more engagement than text posts. When you’re announcing your virtual book launch, adding a poster can help you get more attention. That way, you can grab people’s attention and let them know when and where your virtual book launch is taking place.

3. Use Facebook Live

As the biggest social media platform out there, Facebook is an amazing place to host your virtual book launch. Using the Facebook Live service, you can organize a livestream for your launch party and talk to your fans in real time. Plus, you can also talk with guests, answer questions, read parts of your book, and more. You can use a Facebook event to remind everyone when it’s time for your book launch. This engagement will draw a huge crowd AND the best part, you are exposing your book globally without the expensive event!

4. Start a Twitter Chat

You can use Twitter chats to talk with your fans and get them involved in your virtual book launch. Twitter chats are simply conversations on Twitter where you can start discussions about a specific topic. The best part? It’s super easy to organize a Twitter chat – even if you’re new to social media marketing. All you have to do is make a list of topics to discuss and select a specific hashtag to identity your Twitter chat. Then, you can let people know when your Twitter chat is taking place and ask them to use the hashtag to join in.

When it’s time for your Twitter chat, you can add that hashtag to your tweets and talk about your newest book. You can ask questions, give out interesting information, interact with fans, highlight the best parts of your story, and more that way.

5. Organize a Twitch Stream

If you want a place to host an event and talk to people in real-time, then Twitch is a fantastic option. Since this platform is specifically for livestreaming, you can find many people interested in checking out live events here. To get your virtual book launch started, you can let people know that you’re streaming on Twitch and ask them to join in.

Twitch can also let you build a community of fans. People can support you buy purchasing a premium subscription to get exclusive content, custom emojis, badges, ad-free viewing, and more. When you organize your virtual book launch, you can even ask viewers to subscribe to your channel for extra content.

6. Go Live on Instagram

As one of the biggest social media platforms for visual content, you can also use Instagram for your book launch. All you have to do is hop on Instagram Live and your followers will get a notification that your live book launch event has started. After that, people can use the Instagram app to join your livestream as you promote your new book. To create suspense, consider doing some countdown posts on IG to get your followers excited about your upcoming live.

You can also invite up to 3 guests on Instagram Live directly from the app. That way, you can have interesting discussions to keep your fans engaged. On top of helping your virtual book launch, you can also use Instagram Live for Q&A sessions, interviews, casual chats with fans, and more.

7. Use Email Marketing

Did you know that for every $1 you put into email marketing, you get $36 in return? As you can see, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach tons of people and get them to engage with your brand. To promote your virtual book launch using email marketing, you can email your fans and let them know about your event at least a month before.

You can email them again on the week of your launch party as a reminder. Finally, you can send another email with a link on the day of the event and have people join in. To get started with email marketing, the first thing you need is an email list of interested people.

8. Use YouTube Livestreams

YouTube is the biggest platform for videos on the internet and a popular choice for virtual book launches. By picking YouTube, your viewers can check out your book launch on a place they already use to watch videos. On top of livestreams for your event, you can also make shorter “trailers” to promote your new book and build hype.

The best part? It can be super easy to grow your YouTube following and host a successful virtual book launch party. All you have to do is use the YouTube Feed Pro plugin. You can use YouTube Feed Pro to embed video content on your website with ease. As a result, you can keep your visitors engaged with relevant YouTube videos.

By embedding your own YouTube channel, you can even use your site traffic to get tons of new viewers and subscribers. On top of growing your YouTube channel, you can use YouTube Feed Pro to directly embed your virtual book launch livestream.


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