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A Sheros Journey with Dianne Jackson

1) What was the process like working with Shero?

The process working with Shero was effortless. The communication was clear and swift. 

2) How has Shero Publishing helped you to Unleash Your Inner Shero?

It was the catalyst to me writing my memoir. When working with Shero, I was a Co-Author in a compilation, but this was only the start. From there, I felt empowered to finally complete writing my full personal memoir. 

3) Tell us about your book and how it’s helping your passive profits?

My first book was a contribution in the compilation, WE ALL GRIEVE DIFFERENTLY.  I shared about grieving the loss of my mother. My particular chapter, entitled Mother Montage, takes a different lens because my mother is alive but we are estranged so it’s about accepting the place we are in and that she may never be the mother I imagined. 

4) What encouragement do you have for other authors who want to write a book?

After now writing two publications, the wheels are spinning! Do it! I have been able to use my book to encourage, support, and inspire. If you want to create that type of ripple in the world, then that book needs to be written and published!

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